Club History

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The Queensland Bulldog Club was founded at 8pm 12th May 1915 from the results of a circular sent out to interested parties by one Mr Willard. Those present being Mesdames Wildman and Proud, Messers Wildman, Connors, Proud, Richards, Richardson, Edwards and Willard, with Mr Willard Being voted to the Chair.

We find many of our prominent Brisbane citizens of the day being very active members. They included His Excellency the Governor of Queensland, Alderman Hetherington, then Lord Mayor of Brisbane,the Hon A H Whittingham MLC President and Patron until his passing in 1927. Dr A S Rowe, Dr Mackay, The Hon H J Steven, Mr J McGrath (Solicitor) Mr P J O'Shea (Solicitor,) Mr Ruddle (Publican), Dr Crane, Capt Hurst, J Washington Irving (Vet Surgeon). Mr Caplice Snr became a member in 1916 (June) and we find the name still interested in the breed with the younger generation in Mr Tom Caplice who's prefix "wellington" is still known.

Mr Proud being a foundation member and President for a number of years was the Clubs first life member being granted in 1926.  Mr Bailey and Mr Sewell both joined in 1917. Mr Sewell gaining a life membership in 1927. Mr and Mrs Hammond both joined in 1923 and at this time the membership was 56.  We saw in this year the introduction of weight classes over 40lb and under 40lb.

The Club was fortunate in obtaining the services of Mr Sam Crabtree of England to officiate at the Championship Show, he being of international repute gave great impetus to the Club activities. Also at this time the Club colours were adopted as we have today Blue and Gold and the Graduate Class came into being.

Mrs Crookston who now resides at Redcliffe received membership in 1924, Mr Arthur Hart and Mr Andy Surtees in 1926. The Veteran Class was adopted in 1928, also prize money was delited in lieu of trophies.

The official badge which we use today was adopted on a motion of Mr W Parket 3/8/1928. The same badge then being adopted by the NSW Club.

Mr S S Hammond became Secretary in 1930 and in this year the club received as members Mr Bexfield and Mr Larsen.

The Club had its own registrar and stud book and catered for its own affairs.

                                                      H C FIELD

                                                      President Queensland Bulldog Club 



Copy of the minutes of the first meeting held in the Social Institute Valley to form a Bulldog Club in Queensland, at 8pm 12th May 1915.

Present: Mrs A D Wildman, Mrs Proud and Messrs, A D Wildman, C Connors, W Proud, Richards, Richardson, L Willard and C Edmonds.

Circular and Chairman: Mr Willard read a circular which had been sent out explaining the object of the meeting and was voted to the Chair.

Name of Club. It was moved by Mr Edmonds, seconded by Mr Wildman that a club be formed to be known as "The British Bulldog Club of Queensland" carried unanimously.

Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer: Proposed by Mr Proud and seconded by Mr Richardson that Mr Willard be Hon Secretary and Treasurer. Carried

Hon Registrar: On the motion of Mr Wildman seconded by Mr Connors, Mr Edmonds was registrar.

Hon Auditor: Mr Wildman moved, seconded by Mr Connors that Mr Clark the Hon Auditor. Carried.

Committee: A committee was then appointed consisting of Messrs Wildman, Proud, Richards, Connors and Richardson, in addition to the clubs other officers.

Patron and President: It was decided to leave over the election of a Patron, President and other officers to a future meeting.

Rules: It was moved by Mr Richardson, seconded by Mr Proud that the Rules of the Bulldog Club of NSW be adopted with slight modifications as marked in the NSW rule book. Carried.

Subscription for Country Members. It was decided on the motion of Mr Proud, seconded by Mr Edmonds that the subscription for members outside the 25 miles radius of Brisbane GPO be 5/- per member. After some discussion it was decided to leave over all the other matters necessary to complete formation of the Club, until a copy of the agreement between the associated Bulldog clubs came to hand. Meeting Closed.