Modavam Puppy Cup

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Modavam Puppy Cup

              2018 The Modavam Puppy Cup was introducted. This cup was kindly donated by the Club Members David O'Hara and Amanda O'Hara of Modavam Kennels.

The Modavam Puppy Cup will be conducted at the same shows as the Shadforth Trophy. The Modavam Puppy Cup is open to all minor and puppy Bulldogs entered in the allocated shows. However to be eligable to win the perpetual trophy at the end of the year you must be a financial member of the Queensland Bulldog Club.

The below dates are the shows for 2021

Please note show dates are subject to Dogs Queensland confirming the dates of shows.


2021 Trophy Point Score Shows

  • Atherton Kennel Club - 1st January 
  • Maryborough Kennel Club - 13th February
  • Gladstone Kennel Club - 20th March 
  • Toowoomba Royal Show - 14th - 17th April
  • Queensland Bulldog Club Specialty Show - 1st May
  • Townsville Kennel Assoc - 26th June
  • Ladies Kennel Club - 25th July
  • Queensland Royal Show - EKKA - 7th August
  • Harvey Bay Kennel Club  - 11th September 
  • Proserpine Kennel Club - 2nd October
  • Northern Classic Kennel Club - 27th November
  • Amenities Sub-Committee Show - 4th December


                                     Modavam Leader Board

Point Score Shows 


Puppy Class Minor Puppy of Breed
Atherton Kennel Club - 1st January 01.01.2021   No Puppys Entered  No Puppys Entered
Maryborough Kennel Club 13.01.2021   No Puppys Entered Majestueux Wild Desert Rose - 5
Gladstone Kennel Club 20.03.2021    
Toowoomba Royal  17.04.2021    
Queensland Bulldog Specialty Show 01.05.2021    
Townsville Kennel Association 26.06.2021    
Ladies Kennel Association 25.07.2021    
Queensland Royal Show - EKKA 07.08.2021    
Harvey Bay Kennel Club 11.09.2021    
Prosperine Kennel Club 02.10.2021    
Northern Classic Kennel Club 27.11.2021    
Amenities Subcommittee Show 04.12.2021