Shadforth Trophy

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The Shadforth Trophy is the Queensland Bulldog Club's annual point score competition. The competition was designed by the Shadforth's, former members of the club, who also donated the Shadforth Trophy to the club.

The Shadforth Trophy is open to all Bullogs entered in the allocated shows, however to be eligable to recieve the perpetual trophy at the end of the year you must be a financial member of the Queensland Bulldog Club.

Secondly your dog/s must be of championship point scoring age, this is in Minor Puppy Class or older (6 months of age).

Five (5) points are awarded to Dog Challenge and Bitch Challenge at ten selected shows each year, with a further five (5) points being awarded to Best of Breed.

The dog with the most points at the end of each years calendar of shows is the winner.

The shows selected are decided by the committee of the club at the AGM each year.

The following are the dates* are the shows for the 2019 point score competition.

*show dates are subject to Dogs Queensland show dates being finalised


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