Welcome to the Queensland Bulldog Club

Founded in 1915, the Queensland Bulldog club strives to promote and educate people about the noble breed of the British Bulldog and ensure its preservation and welfare in Queensland.

We strive to promote a noble breed

We provide to support and advice to all our members and potential British Bulldog owners, through the promotion of breeding of pure British Bulldogs of the true type, and to urge the adoption of such type upon breeders, judges, committees, and promoters of canine exhibitions in line with the ANKC Standard.

As a Dogs Queensland and Australian National Kennel Council Affiliated club since 1970, we are bound by a Code of Ethics in relation to our breed and it representation in the community.

We also publish a quarterly newsletter called “Mutters” for our members, with bulldog news and related information.

We welcome all new members and British Bulldog owners, both show and pet, and welcome all input as to help us reach our goals for the club and the breed.

About Us

Learn our history

The Queensland Bulldog Club was founded at 8pm 12th May 1915 from the results of a circular sent out to interested parties by one Mr Willard. Those present being Mesdames Wildman and Proud, Messers Wildman, Connors, Proud, Richards, Richardson, Edwards and Willard, with Mr Willard Being voted to the Chair.

We find many of our prominent Brisbane citizens of the day being very active members. They included His Excellency the Governor of Queensland, Alderman Hetherington, then Lord Mayor of Brisbane,the Hon A H Whittingham MLC President and Patron until his passing in 1927. Dr A S Rowe, Dr Mackay, The Hon H J Steven, Mr J McGrath (Solicitor) Mr P J O’Shea (Solicitor,) Mr Ruddle (Publican), Dr Crane, Capt Hurst, J Washington Irving (Vet Surgeon). Mr Caplice Snr became a member in 1916 (June) and we find the name still interested in the breed with the younger generation in Mr Tom Caplice who’s prefix “Wellington” is still known.

Mr Proud being a foundation member and President for a number of years was the Clubs first life member being granted in 1926. Mr Bailey and Mr Sewell both joined in 1917. Mr Sewell gaining a life membership in 1927. Mr and Mrs Hammond both joined in 1923 and at this time the membership was 56. We saw in this year the introduction of weight classes over 40lb and under 40lb.

Breed Traits

What is a British bulldog

01 Appearance

The general appearance of the Bulldog is that of a smooth-coated, thickset dog, rather low in stature, but broad, powerful and compact. The head strikingly massive and large in proportion to the dog’s size. The face extremely short. The muzzle very broad, blunt and inclined upwards. The body short and well knit; the limbs stout and muscular. The hindquarters high and strong but rather lightly made in comparison with its heavily made foreparts. The dog should convey an impression of determination, strength and activity, similar to that suggested by the appearance of a thick-set Ayrshire bull.

From its formation the dog has a peculiar heavy and constrained gait, appearing to walk with short, quick steps on the tips of its toes, its hindfeet not being lifted high, but appearing to skim the ground, and running with the right shoulder rather advanced, similar to the manner of horse in cantering.

Should convey an impression of determination.

02 Characteristics

A bulldog is never mistaken for another breed of dog with their broad powerful bodies and ‘sourmug’ facial expression.

The bulldog is a medium sized dog and has a large head with light wrinkles, an undershot jaw and a rolling gait that sets them apart from other breeds of dogs.

Their eyes are dark and set well apart on a flat skull, their ears are ideally rose shaped and small. The tail is naturally short and come in a variety of types. IE; ideally straight but sometimes screwed and/or inverted.

The front is low and the shoulders are set slightly away from the body to give them a ‘tacked on’ appearance. The hindquarters appear slightly higher than the shoulders and the back is arched and this is termed ‘roached’.
A bulldog usually lives for 10 to 12 years.

The bulldog was originally bred for a purpose and this is why a bulldog looks the way it does.

03 Temperament

The bulldog is pacific but dignified and friendly, easy going and tenacious.

Most bulldogs are very people friendly and sweet natured with adults and children. They can be clownish and funny and often have a stubborn side.

All bulldogs seem to love children and will take a great deal of punishment from them. It is always best to supervise children and dogs together however.

Bulldogs need early socialisation to mix with other animals such as cats. Not all bulldogs are dog friendly. Early socialisation is important to help achieve this.

Bulldogs usually don’t bark much and they adapt well to apartment living

Breed Enquiries

Buying a puppy

British Bulldogs are highly sort after pets because of their, personality, loyalty and also their good looks. Puppies can attract a high price and this in recent times has attracted some very unethical and immoral breeders that promise their puppy buyers the world but often end up heart broken with either defective puppies or NO puppy at all. There are some simple things that you (as a consumer ) can do to check out the breeder you are buying your pup from.

Breeder Listings

Look for a ankc breeder

When looking at a website check the images they have on their website are dogs the seller has bred or own. Scammers use images they have downloaded from other peoples sites or famous dogs from the past. This can be misleading – ask to see photo’s of both parents and any pups from previous litters.


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Looking for a puppy or advice, we have some very dedicated members and breeders that are happy to help you with your enquiry.

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