Why should I health test my dog?

Testing your dog for certain genetic diseases greatly affects your chances of not reproducing those issues in future generations. 

While there are no guarantees, the knowledge that your individual dogs are tested free of certain conditions gives you a tremendous advantage as a breeder and gives your puppy buyers a sense of your dedication to the welfare of not only your own breeding program, but to the breed as well. 

The tests for issues that affect Bulldogs are easily attained, and for the most part, fairly inexpensive.

Why should I get my Bulldog tested? 

Very simply, so you know if your dog is affected. 

Health testing gives breeders a variety of tools to assist with making informed decisions when selecting compatible breeding dogs. These tools are to be used in conjunction with their goals in breeding British bulldogs. Breeders are mindful that pups that they produce will form part of the breed preservation to ensure the future of the breed. Every breeder will have a different goal for each of their litters but all heading in the same direction when breeding; preservation and future of the breed, this requires both type and health.

Suggested Health Screenings 

Please refer to the proposed health testing scheme

The proposed health scheme has very few failures, breathing difficulties and heart problems are the main faults that would be considered for removal from breeding. The scheme does make recommendation with regards to other health issues that would not pass.

Health testing is not to be used to eliminate dogs from the breeding program, however it is another group of tools that are available to make informed decisions. It is only recommended to remove dogs from breeding when it is a fault that would result in euthanasia or a poor quality of life and can be aligned with a direct genetic issue and not associated with environmental factors. 

Position on Health testing

The Queensland Bulldog Club have no formal recommendation at this time on how breeders use formal tests to select breeding stock or make breeding decisions. However, in keeping with the goal of The Queensland Bulldog Club of being stewards of the British Bulldog breed, members are encouraged to take advantage of advances in testing, genetics and medical science to always strive to produce the soundest animals possible with the goal of continuously improving the genetic health of the breed as a whole.