Life Members

My first bulldog was given to me by my grandfather Tom Galloway, “pops”came back from the 1st world war and bred bulldogs at Cleveland Point kiosk and Bulimba.

I remember going to Bulimba and seeing his dogs chained to iron stakes and the kennels were hollow tree trunks and his prefix was Broadway.

Our famlies ist bulldog was Bertie who was a much loved pet.

My next bulldog was Tyfi Barbarella bred by Mr and Mrs Crowther who was the ist dog I showed and welped. This is when we created the prefix Dontoro,

this prefix came into being in 1968

The next pup was SaxonDale Taurus who was bred by Herb and Joan Field. then I bought 2 bitches Brunson Miss Winefred and Lindy Lou.

At this time I was called by Doug Cummings who was a vet at Toowong to assist with the rearing of 9 puppies. The puppies sire was Kama Big Boy

who was owned by the Fields. One of the owners of these pups was Vaughn Howell who later became President of the QBC. I was given Caligua Portia

as a thank you and I bred Dontoro Varquero from her and a import Portfield Monarch who had won at Crufts.

So for the next 20 years I did several litters for people. Of mention litters for Bob and Thelma Hoddle, Vaughn Howell, Nan Smith

and bought and sold dogs in Australia and overseas.

I aquired Mr Bojangles from Elorston kennels and bred from him Dontaro Sabrina and he was used by several breeders for quite a few sucesses.

As well I assisted several people over the years such as Dale Ravenscroft, Trish Weinert. I also aquired bitches from Wybong and Donallen Kennels

One of my top winners was Dontoro Camille, she won best bitch at top shows. We now own 2 bulldogs Marcus and Lillie who are just like our children.

- Valerie Williams

Patron and Life member of QBC
Patron and Life Member LKA
Int. All Breeds Dog Judge (Ret).
Long Service Badge for 26 years stewarding in Dog Section.

My late husband, Reg and I bought our first bulldog in 1960 – Parreen Playboy.Reg loved the breed  as his father 

Herb Collins bred bulldogs and owned the great Ch. Radnor Smiler.

Our foundation bitch was Ch. Ivy Thunder Lorraine.

We were fortunate to be able to work in with the famous Donallen Kennels NSW (Gordon and Roma Long) and this led us to becoming successful breeders under the Reglor Prefix.

A few of our home bred champions were Reglor Lady Lynette, Reglor Lady Fergie and Reglor Lady Sarah 

 I went on to become an All Breeds Judge and Reg was a British Bulldog judge and a French Bulldog Judge.

- Lorraine M Collins

One of my rellies had a white Bully when I was very young.

My interest came much later when a workmate bought one.

My husband surprised me on our twentyfifth wedding anniversary.

I must have got the message across.

Very big surprise to have a baby at that time of life.

His name was Lyden Silver Gift.. Silver.

I did not show him, but after I lost him I bought his son,

Bulltime Whispering Jack. I did show him a few times, got a

First at the EKKA, First as a Graduate and a second at the EKKA.

Brian then surprised me with a bitch, Lyden Murial, Jill

I did show Jill a couple of times, with no success.

Breeding did not happen. Jill was not interested.

Although I do not have a dog now, I still try to attend meetings whenever I can

And will continue as long as I am able.

- Lenore Stanbury

I have always loved the British Bulldog and showed my first BB at 12years old I have been a member of the British Bulldog Club for nearly 50years and was awarded life membership in1990 I enjoyed showing my dogs and the time spent at shows with like minded people A highlight for me was winning a National Show in Adelaide with a dog I bred and breeding a dog that won the National Show in Brisbane I still love going to shows and enjoy my time spent with Bulldog people.

Im greatful for the life long friends that I have made because we share the love of this very special breed

- Bevly O'Hara